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Nokia wants your thoughts and ideas, willing to pay for 'em

Brad Molen

After laying off nearly 1800 employees, Espoo is apparently interested in replacing its reduced workforce by inviting ambitious inventors to come up with great ideas instead. Called "Invent with Nokia," the program was created to give visionaries an outlet for their innovative thoughts and reward them financially if good enough to patent. You can submit any ideas related to phones, mobile software, user interfaces, device features / concepts, apps, or operating systems to the site, and Nokia will get in touch with you if it likes what you have to say; we suggest you brush up on your Windows Phone 7 knowledge, given recent happenings. This is a fantabulous opportunity for you bright guys and gals to show what you're made of, but we'd love to see the site publish every laughably bad idea just for kicks. Watch the full video (featuring Mr. Elop himself) past the break.

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