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Evernote offering developer competition, conference


Evernote has announced two big events for its developer community coming up later this year. First, the company is holding a competition with over $100,000 in prizes available to win. To enter, all developers need to do is build an app, service, or device that works with the Evernote system by July 15. The submissions will be judged over the subsequent week or two, and then in August, Evernote will announce six finalists. Some of those finalists will win some money, with a chance at a grand prize of $50,000. That's a nice payday for anyone willing to put some development time into extending Evernote out even further.

To help developers put their apps and services together, Evernote has also announced the first-ever Evernote Trunk Conference, going on August 18 in San Francisco. The conference will offer a day of workshops and sessions designed to help developers hook their own apps up to Evernote, and learn how to parse the API, make use of best practices, and lots more. This same conference is where the winners will be announced for the developer competition, so if you're hoping to be in the running, you should plan on being there.

Both of these are just for developers, of course, but if you're an Evernote user, you hopefully can look forward to all kinds of ingenious additions to the service and its extended universe, which is what both of these events are of course intended to bring about.

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