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Patch 4.2 Daily Quests: Assault on Sethria's Roost

Alex Ziebart

Once you've sufficiently advanced the Firelands storyline to the point that you can enter the Molten Front, the Regrowth portion of patch 4.2's daily quests breaks into two types of quests. The first type is a small daily quest chain. You do some gathering, and then you use what you've gathered to kill an elite.

The other type of quests are simpler, one-shot quests that can occasionally be organized into even smaller hubs. The kill-and-collect daily quest that sends you into Sethria's Roost, which we'll be talking about today, is quite nice when it shows up, because it can be completed alongside The Protectors of Hyjal which you'll be doing regularly. The quests we will be looking at today are: If you're doing these daily quests, that means you've already quested through Mount Hyjal before. You're already familiar with Sethria's Roost. The entire region is now phased. The twilight drakonids, which you personally murdered the last time you were through here, are long gone and replaced by minions of the Firelands: Fiery Behemoths and Seething Pyrelords.

The Protectors of Hyjal

This first quest in Sethria's Roost is simple: Slay six Fiery Behemoths or Seething Pyrelords. But wait, there's a catch! These mobs are all badass elites. How can you take them on alone?

You don't. You are given an assault squad of druid NPCs: a feral bear, a feral cat, a restoration druid, and ... Russell Brower? What the heck are you doing here?

Okay, so if you've been keeping an eye on your patch 4.2 achievements, that might not actually be a surprise. There's a whole spread of NPCs who are contributing to the war effort in Hyjal. In addition to Russ, you're also going to see Linken, Thassarian, Mankrik, and others. Each of them will have unique abilities that they contribute to the fight -- Russell Brower is a bard, obviously, so he plays Chilling Song on his lute to deal frost damage to our enemies or Dark Song to deal shadow damage.

Between the Fiery Behemoths and the Seething Pyrelords, the Pyrelords are the ones you should fear. I found it very hard to die to the Behemoths, but a careless player could die to the Pyrelords very easily. The Behemoths have an AOE Fire Nova you should interrupt, and that's about the only thing they do. The Pyrelords deal AOE damage; summon low-health, non-elite adds; and occasionally put up a damage shield that will reflect damage back onto you. Depending on which NPCs you have along to help you, you'll get a different line of dialogue from them telling you to stop attacking the shield. Thassarian is particularly to-the-point with that piece of advice.

It's rather curious that the Seething Pyrelords are the more difficult mobs, because Treating the Wounds, the quest that accompanies The Protectors of Hyjal, uses only the Behemoths, the easier of the two.

Completing this quest will net you 20 gold, 67 silver, and two Marks of the World Tree. If you're not exalted with the Guardians of Hyjal, you will also receive 350 reputation with that faction.

Treating the Wounds

This quest can be completed entirely while doing The Protectors of Hyjal. You are tasked with collecting four Sulfur-Laced Wrappings for Hamuul Runetotem, and these wrappings are dropped only by Fiery Behemoths. While killing your six mobs for the previous quest, just make sure four of them are Behemoths.

Completing this quest will net you 12 gold, 40 silver, 50 copper and one Mark of the World Tree.

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