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Prepare for Forsaken World: Gaze of Larex with a free in-game pet from Massively!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Forsaken World has a hefty content update on the way, as you may have heard last week. Today we've got a Gaze of Larex release date for you as well as a little gift!

Perfect World Entertainment has let us know that Gaze of Larex will arrive in Forsaken World this Thursday, May 26th, and we've got just the thing to help you start the new content in style: a Zeke Warrior in-game pet. The Zeke Warrior is described as a "crazy little native" with a deadly poison-tipped spear -- he's cute and deadly! PWE has given us 1,000 of these little guys to share with you, so visit our giveaway page to pick up a code. Once you've done that, visit the redemption page on your PWE account (or create one and install the game if you haven't yet done so).

Enter your code, select your server and character name from the dropdown menu, click submit, then check your in-game mail to claim your pet and enjoy!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]

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