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TERA day in the life blog from QA Senior Tester Patrick Sun


Everyone seems to think that working in quality assurance at a game company is a walk in the park, playing video games all day and loving every second of it. Well, En Masse's Patrick Sun is here to put you in your plac -- What's that? "Best. Job. Ever."? Oh. Well. Nevermind then.

But as he's quick to point out in the most recent post on TERA's blog, QA testers' jobs don't entail just playing TERA while looking for bugs and other issues of that ilk, but also ensuring that the game's localization is going smoothly. He offers one example about the Korean idiom, "A mute person who's eaten honey," which refers to someone who keeps silent about a secret in spite of others' suffering. Of course! I mean, who couldn't figure that one out? For more information on what the QA workers over on TERA keep busy with, check out the official post.

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