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Turbine brings Lost Legends of Eriador content update to Lord of the Rings Online


Turbine has launched update No. 3 for Lord of the Rings Online, which adds the Lost Legends of Eriador to the free-to-play MMO. Along with new items available in the game's store, there are two new three-player instances to play through, including the Halls of Night, where an ancient Barrow-wight is hunting you and your party through in a dream, and the Inn of the Forsaken, a new dungeon with puzzles, riddles and even an underground ship to find.

The update also brings two new skirmish instances, Attack at Dawn and the Icy Crevasse, along with new purchasable character boosts and a scroll for sale that allows you to reset all your skirmish marks when used. The update is currently live -- while you're waiting for it to download, take a gander at the screenshots below.

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