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Alarm Dock gives your iPhone retro cred

Chris Ward

There are plenty of alarm clock apps and plenty of docking stations available for iPhones, but the Alarm Dock from Jonas Damon is a cut above the rest -- it looks, quite simply, gorgeously retro.

Reminiscent of those GE alarm clocks your parents had on their bedside table, your iPhone slides into a cutout in the front of the beechwood dock. Together with the (included) flip-clock app, it gives a great old-school look to your bedroom.

It fits the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 and iPod touches, but note that the dock is effectively just a holder for your i-Device -- you thread your regular charging cable through the back to charge your phone and the speaker grill on the top is just that, it doesn't include a speaker.

But for just $39.50, it might be just what you need to set off your waterbed. Cool, daddio.

[Via Swiss Miss]

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