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Battle Dawn Galaxies takes the franchise to the stars


Going from a scrappy start-up to Lord Emperor of the Universe would make your resume seem paltry, would it not? And while we have no doubt that you'll make it happen for real once your homemade starship is able to break orbit from your back yard, Tacticsoft has an easier solution: Try out Battle Dawn Galaxies, a new galaxy-spanning strategy MMO.

Battle Dawn Galaxies hands you the keys to a small space station and a dream -- a dream to become the biggest, baddest, savviest leader on the map! Over the course of this free-to-play title, you'll build up your station, create a battle fleet of ships, take over new territory, establish alliances with other players, and fight against all those who oppose you.

The game already has over 10,000 daily active players and is the latest in the Battle Dawn franchise, which begun back in 2006. Tacticsoft CEO Michael Rosen thinks the sky is the limit for this title: "The Battle Dawn brand has grown in popularity over the past five years and our players have been asking for a sci-fi universe based on the core mechanics of the original game. With Battle Dawn Galaxies, we bring strategic space combat to new heights in the browser."

You can watch the trailer for the game after the jump!

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