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Developers band together to fight Lodsys if necessary


After Lodsys started sending threatening letters to developers, Apple took some time to issue a statement to developers hit by the notices which seemed to provide cover for them. Unfortunately, nothing in Apple's letter to developers said, "We'll pick up the tab for any legal costs you incur." So a band of developers have decided to pool their resources and secure counsel to help defend any legal action should Lodsys actually file suit against any of them.

I was informed that Villain and Iconfactory are two of the shops banding together, and I was asked to help spread the word. While I can agree that hiring a lawyer to deal with a lawsuit is prudent advice, I feel it is worth noting that no action has yet been taken in court, and Apple seems locked in a staring contest with Lodsys. One blink and they are toast. Then again, I am not a lawyer.

Villain CEO Dane Baker asked to relay this message: "Villain received an infringement notice and we disagree with it. We're asking all iOS developers who received similar notices from Lodsys to get in touch with me to discuss pooling resources in the event of a lawsuit. Any interested developers can e-mail me at"

I applaud the effort and hope they never have to use any funds to fight anyone in court; let's hope they can leave it to Apple, with its vast coffers and crack legal team, to defend its licenses instead.

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