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Patch 4.2 Daily Quests: Between the Trees and The Power of Malorne

Alex Ziebart

We're talking about two quests at once again today. I mentioned in the Assault on Sethria's Roost guide that there is a new style of daily quest in patch 4.2: daily quest chains. Today's quests are an example of that. You accept a quest, and upon completing it, you are immediately prompted to turn it in and accept step two. All of these quests start out with some sort of collection quest (with a twist) and are followed up by killing an elite (with a twist).

Today's quests are: While most of the dailies Blizzard has labeled as "the Regrowth dailies" do not take place in the region of Mount Hyjal actually labeled the Regrowth, this pair of quests does! You will be sent right into the middle of the zone, which has been overrun by minions of the Firelands. Again. The Regrowth, the portion of the Firelands you personally regrew with the help of Aessina, has managed to get torched away for the second time in one expansion. Way to go, Guardians of Hyjal. You are almost as ineffective as the Argent Crusade.

Oh, also? Since this is a guide to quests in patch 4.2, you can be sure there are mild spoilers ahead.

Between the Trees

At the beginning of the quest chain that unlocks your Regrowth and Molten Front daily quests, you get to witness the resurrection of Malorne, the stag god. It turns out that Malfurion didn't do the greatest job of resurrecting him, because pieces of Malorne's spirit are still scattered across Hyjal, running free and waiting to be put back together like a jigsaw puzzle with antlers. For the quest Between the Trees, you are tasked with hunting down and capturing three Spirits of Malorne.

Your first time doing this quest will probably take you more time than you would like, because you'll be running around chasing ghosts, trying to figure out their patrol routes so you can catch them. Rather than mapping out all of the spirits' routes through the Regrowth, my tip is to just find one spirit, stand in its patrol path, and don't move until it has respawned and run into you three times. You don't need to click on them, you simply need to make physical contact with them. If you stand in their way, they will run into you, and you will accrue all three while doing nothing at all.

The spirits are extremely quick; you won't catch them on foot. Standing in a patrol path is far more effective than flailing through the trees clumsily on a flying mount.

The Power of Malorne

Once you've collected all three stag spirits, you'll receive a prompt to turn in the quest right where you stand. Turn in the quest, accept the next one, and now it's time to hunt down Galenges, an elite flamewaker/salamander mob, seen in the image at the top of this post.

Go to his portal (which will be clearly marked on your map), use the provided staff of summoning (which will be clearly marked on your UI), and stand back as Galenges the Unbreakable bursts forth from the portal ... and is then battered around by your spirits of Malorne. DPS him down while the spirits have him weakened. You have nothing else to worry about.

The combined total reward from these two quests is 27 gold, 94 silver, 50 copper, and three Marks of the World Tree.

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