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Pioneer announces iOS-integrated AppRadio receiver


Last month we told you about a Pioneer filing with the FCC that revealed something called the AppRadio. Today, Pioneer has officially showed off just what the AppRadio is -- an iOS-integrated car receiver that hooks up to your iPhone or iPod touch. AppRadio features a 800 x 400 6.1-inch multitouch capacitive display that allows the user to easily navigate and interact with not only the media on your iOS device, but your apps as well.

The receiver features built-in Bluetooth and GPS, an AM/FM radio, and a video input that can be used with an optional rear view camera. The receiver can also take advantage of iOS's Google Maps app. Pioneer is opening its AppRadio to developers, allowing them to design their apps to work in conjunction with the receiver. No apps will be stored on the receiver -- everything is done through apps on your iPhone or iPod touch -- but developers will be able to build in AppRadio support directly to their apps.

Right now four app developers have partnered with Pioneer including Motion-X GPS Drive, Pandora Internet Radio, Rdio streaming music, and Inrix Traffic and, as CNET points out, those apps sport AppRadio features in addition to iOS features, allowing for sending information to and from the car's touchscreen and speakers. Some features aren't available through the touchscreen, however, because Pioneer is trying to keep interactions as safe as possible.

No word yet on the pricing, although Pioneer is saying AppRadio should sell for "below $500" when it goes on sale June 22.

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