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Sparrow announces new features at TechCrunch Disrupt


Update 6:45 PM EST: Version 1.2 of Sparrow is now available in the Mac App Store. Full list of what's new is here.

Moments ago, Dom Leca of Sparrow took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York and announced a few new features for Sparrow -- a powerful and elegant email client. They also gave us a few details on the financials for the company.

Starting with a team of 4, the company raised $250,000 and as of today have made $500,000 in revenue. Not bad!

New features for Sparrow include some Tumblr integration [Coming soon, Ed.], but most interesting to me is the Facebook integration. If you are using your @facebook email, you will be able to access profile images in Sparrow using Facebook Connect. Further, emails from Facebook will show the profile pic for that contact. Very nice.

Sparrow promises some future Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Clearly, Sparrow isn't just a Gmail client, it is becoming a powerful messaging and context platform in itself.

A Sparrow update should be available tonight or tomorrow on the Mac App Store, Leca said. Check our Facebook page tomorrow for some free copies of Sparrow courtesy of AppSumo.

Update: Dom didn't mention it onstage, but told me on Monday that the new Sparrow introduces a Unified Inbox as well as some features detailed on this TechCrunch post. Hurray!

Update 2: Corrected a mistake regarding @facebook emails. It does NOT support this, but allows you to use Facebook Connect instead. Sorry for the error. Also, Tumblr support is "coming soon."

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