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Twelve South introduces BookBook for Macbook Air


Twelve South, proud maker of nifty Apple-only accessories, has added the MacBook Air to its BookBook line up of vintage-looking protective cases, alongside the BookBook for MacBook Pro and iPad.

The BookBook for Air is designed to fit your MacBook Air perfectly. While transforming your laptop into the guise of an old, hand distressed, genuine-leather bound book that not many would think was worth stealing, the BookBook offers formidable protection from the surrounding environment, too. Your MacBook Air is surrounded by two hardback covers, reinforced corners and a sturdy spine as well as padded protection on the interior. The BookBook for Air isn't all that much thicker than the device itself, so it won't bloat the ultra-thin profile you've come to love about your MacBook Air. Weighing only 13.5 ounces, it won't add to your burden.

The BookBook for Air is available to order now for US$79.99

We've previously covered some of Twelve South's other accessories (MagicWand, BookBook for iPad and MacBook Pro, Compass, BookArc, SurfacePad and BassJump subwoofer), and we've been delighted with what we've seen. We're sure to expect the same from the BookBook for Air.

If you pick one up, let us know what you think.

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