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'Aliens Infestation' rated down under


Aliens Infestation has been classified by the Australians for publisher Sega and developer WayForward Technologies. The rating makes no mention of platform. Previously, we were aware of WayForward working on a DS companion game to Aliens: Colonial Marines, but there's no clear indication from the classification that Infestation is that game.

Sega's experimentation with the xenomorphs has gotten messier than a chest-bursting at dinner, so here's where things currently stand from what we can gather: Gearbox is working on Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Creative Assembly (Total War) is working on some Alien IP, and WayForward is working on Aliens Infestation. An Aliens RPG was canceled back in 2009, even though developer Obsidian felt it had made worthwhile progress.

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