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ArenaNet dispels the controversy regarding the Guild Wars 2 Engineer


An abundance of controversy erupted over the Engineer class from Guild Wars 2 when it was announced last week. Some fans of the game even went so far as to question whether the class even belongs in a fantasy game. Thanks to ArenaNet's Community Manager Regina Buenaobra, we now have answers to some of the burning questions the fans have had about this explosive class.

Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the events in the original Guild Wars. "Technology has advanced a great deal, and we wanted the engineer to personify this progress. And frankly, we didn't want to feel constrained by typical conventions as to what is or is not acceptable in a fantasy story," Buenaobra explains in the Engineer FAQ on the official website.

Now we know that the class fits with the timeline, but this does not explain the other issue fans have with this class. Why would the nature-loving Sylvari be interested in this type of technology? Buenaobra notes, "Players in general are exceptional and unusual figures, heroes who stand out among their people. Just as there are asura warriors and norn necromancers, it's not unheard of for an inquisitive, mechanically-inclined sylvari to become an engineer."

Check out the full FAQ on the Guild Wars 2 official site for answers to other important Engineer questions.

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