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BlackBerry Curve 'Apollo' gets featured in tutorial clips, BB 7 OS struts its stuff (video)

Zachary Lutz

If you've been yearning to meet the upcoming BlackBerry Curve 'Apollo' on a more personal level, we think its leaked training videos will serve a fine ocular opportunity. While they're certainly no replacement for hands-on experience, these clips were discovered within a leaked copy of BlackBerry 7 OS and provide a concise overview of user interaction with the device. It's no touchscreen experience, that's for sure. Judging from the hovering orb that represents both your finger and wait times, we're not expecting this creation to be overly speedy, although these tutorials (hopefully) don't represent actual usage. On the plus side, there's some nice music accompanying the tour, which makes waiting for menus to appear feel downright enjoyable. Jump the break for an unsanctioned peek.

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