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Instagram gets an update to comments, autocomplete for usernames


The Burbn boys have released a new version of Instagram into the wild. Instagram 1.8 is the latest version of the iPhone-meets-Polaroid-Swinger-meets-Twitter social photography app, and it's available for an update on the App Store now.

What's changed? The app is somewhat faster and more reliable, but the big change is in how you can "like" a photo in your Instagram stream, interact with comments and enter usernames. First, photos can now be marked with "like" by double-tapping them. With that simple gesture and a big white heart icon appearing briefly (see image at right) for feedback, you know that you've just sent someone a big thumbs-up on their photographic effort.

In comments, you can now start mentioning someone by typing @ and the first few characters of someone's username, and Instagram will do its best to autocomplete the name. The Instagram comment feature also gained an interactive comment screen where all comments made on one of your photos are listed. With a swipe, you can now delete inappropriate comments.

As always, Instagram 1.8 is available to download for free on the App Store.

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