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May Warhammer Online community update details Sigmar Tide event


Sound the WAAAGH! Warhammer Online's May community update was released today and includes details on the upcoming version 1.4.3. Particularly, it outlines the upcoming in-game event Sigmar Tide. Due to the fact that the event won't be available on the public test server to avoid spoilers, the team at Mythic is taking the opportunity to give players an idea of what they should expect from the event.

The event itself is based on a special date in Warhammer lore: the day that Sigmar, founder of the Empire, ascended to godhood. And how does the Empire celebrate this occasion? Exactly how you would expect in the Warhammer universe: killing the tainted, hanging witches, and burning heretics. This jovial holiday will introduce a new scenario -- the College of Corruption -- into the mix, and it will be available to all players of any level for the duration of the event. For more information on the event, head on over to the full article.

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