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Severed head in the mail terrifies, teases Aliens: Colonial Marines

We get a lot of weird stuff in the mail, it's simply one of the hazards of this profession. Any given day, we have to be prepared to take delivery of a miniature diorama, a personalized strait jacket, a check for $200, or maybe a pile of meat, hair and teeth? Sometimes, it's a dirty doll head.

Wait, what?

Now, getting something like this in the mail might be a frightening experience for the casual games journalist but remember, your pals at Joystiq are pros. And by pros, we mean to say that we asked Twitter what it was. Some of you suggested it might be promoting Gearbox's announced-over-three-years-ago FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines. While that seemed like a crazy assumption, it turns out the name written on the back, Rebecca, is the actual name of that lovable scamp from Aliens, Newt. Furthermore, the return address on the package is from one Ms. Rebecca Jorden, Newt's full name. Here's what Wikia has to say about the doll:
Casey was the favorite doll of Newt's. Casey was reduced to nothing but a head when she was discovered on LV-426. Casey was lost when Newt was abducted in the sub-basement reservoir in the Hadley's Hope settlement.
And if that's not enough proof of an imminent E3 re-reveal, Kotaku says it has an appointment to see the game, so ... case closed, we guess. We're mostly looking forward to seeing why Colonial Marines was put on the backburner for so long ...

... mostly.

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