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Trion Worlds releases new End of Nations video feature


The world's economies have crashed, governments are crumbling as a result, and a totalitarian regime is looking to assume control over the chaos. This is the world of End of Nations, the upcoming MMORTS from Trion Worlds and Petroglyph Games. The game sees players rising against the aforementioned tyrannical organization, known as the Order of Nations, in a struggle for control over the world's resources.

To tease the new title, Trion Worlds has released a new video that showcases some gameplay clips, fills players in on the game's setting, and includes snippets from the game's developers explaining their goals and hopes for the game. If you're itching for more information on this upcoming addition to the MMORTS genre, Massively has not one but two hands-on previews and a Q&A with the game's developers. If that's not enough for you, the End of Nations official site has gone live as well, and there's sure to be more information to be gleaned there. And lastly, of course, you can jump past the cut for the video itself.

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