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Age of Conan monthly update details patch schedule, talks Khitai difficulty

Jef Reahard

It's been a big week for Age of Conan, and Funcom game director Craig Morrison has capped it off with his traditional end-of-the-month development update. Though it's a bit redundant if you've been paying attention over the last few days, Silirrion does let us in on a general patch schedule now that all the cats are out of the bag.

The next update will officially bring about AoC: Unrated and the new business model and will also feature new content in the form of the Forgotten City and Breach auto-content generation dungeons we've discussed previously. The Funcom team has also eased up on the Khitai dungeon difficulty, at least for normal mode, and Morrison says, "the earlier instances have also been made more accessible for those arriving in Khitai for the first time, and will not require AA investment to be worthwhile options."

Finally, we get a look at the list of tech-related improvements in the offing as well as confirmation that the film-related Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack will be part of the game's fall update cycle. Check out all the goods on the official forums.

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