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ArenaNet announces summer convention schedule


Guild Wars 2 fans, are you trying to decide which conventions you want to make it out to this summer? Well, ArenaNet's latest blog entry may just make your decision a little bit easier, as it outlines which shows the studio will be making appearances at and what to expect from each.

First up on the list (from July 21-24) is "the granddaddy of all pop-cultural conventions," San Diego Comic-Con. ANet will be sending out "an elite team of artists and devs... to meet fans and do signings." The next outing (August 17-21) sends ANet to the magical land of Cologne, Germany for Gamescom, which will include a playable demo of Guild Wars 2 as well as "a bunch of new surprises that [the devs] can't talk about yet." Attendees are also encouraged to deck themselves out in their best Guild Wars-related finery for ANet's costume contest. Then it's back to ANet's home turf of Seattle, Washington (August 26-28), where the "entire studio will descend upon PAX Prime." The studio says to "expect big surprises, cool swag, interesting panels, and a ton of Guild Wars 2 demo stations." And lastly, not letting the cessation of summer stop the runaway train that is ArenaNet, from October 21-25 the studio will be dropping in on gay Paris for Paris Games Week, "where [the devs will] bring [their] hands-on demo for [their] French fans."

Do note that E3 is not included in this smorgasbord of conventions, with ANet citing its desire "to focus on shows that allow [it] to share Guild Wars 2 directly with gamers."

For the full details and any future updates to the schedule, head on over to the official post on the ArenaNet blog.

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