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Atari: Daggerdale to miss May 31 PSN launch, game may fall into publishing queue [update]


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Atari addressed fans waiting for the PS3 version of Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale today, announcing on Twitter that the game would miss its planned May 31 launch on the platform. The reason stated, however, is far more interesting than the news of a delay -- according to Atari, it "looks like Playstation Network is not gonna be ready for #Daggerdale release on 5/31."

Despite an internal memo from Sony stating that the PS Store would be up as early as this past Tuesday (which clearly didn't happen), and statements from the company that "all services" would be restored by the end of May, it seems (at least for this publisher) that the PS Store may remain offline longer than expected. The tweet also says to "Stay tuned for more details today." We've reached out to both Sony and Atari for comment, but had yet to hear back as of publishing.

Update: The PlayStation Store's revival might not miss its targeted launch date after all. An Atari representative responded to us, explaining, "Our recent tweet was not intended to speak to Sony's service coming back online or being delayed, but to inform our fans that we expect Daggerdale to be placed in PSN's publishing queue behind other titles that were meant to launch during the service outage and that it might not hit the May 31 date."

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