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Cryptozoic Entertainment now carrying all Blizzard manga

Anne Stickney

Cryptozoic Entertainment, publisher of the WoW Trading Card Game, is taking a step into the world of digital comics -- publishing and snapping up the Warcraft and Starcraft manga series along the way -- by offering the manga exclusively for its comics reader app, available for the iPad, iPhone and iPhone touch. But that's not all! To celebrate the exclusive release of the manga on the Cryptozoic Comics reader, for a limited time, you can download Warcraft: Legends Vol. 1 through Cryptozoic's website.

Legends Vol. 1 is the start of the popular anthology series. Each issue features short stories that highlight uncommon moments in lore and the adventures of everyday characters like the ones we play. Along with Legends Vol. 1, Cryptozoic is carrying World of Warcraft: Death Knight, Warcraft: Legends Vol. 2, and Dragon Hunt, the first book in the Sunwell trilogy. If you're looking for background into Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver, Warcraft: Death Knight is absolutely worth picking up, and if you're looking for more information about Kalecgos, Anveena and the Sunwell, the Sunwell trilogy is definitely for you.

Though selection is limited to a few titles at this time, Cryptozoic will be carrying all Blizzard manga titles in the future, so keep an eye on its website and the app for future releases. The Cryptozoic comics app is available at no charge through the Apple store, and manga titles are priced at $5.99 per 150-page book. Check after the break for the full press release, and go pick up your free manga while you can -- the offer ends June 2!

Cryptozoic Entertainment
Cryptozoic Entertainment Releases World of Warcraft® and Starcraft® Manga for the First Time Ever in Digital Format!

Cryptozoic Entertainment's motto of "fans first" has once more carried over to its newest project, as it offers fans the opportunity to read World of Warcraft® and Starcraft® manga for the first time ever in digital format! Beginning May 26, 2011, fans will be able to download their favorite manga titles on the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®. To celebrate the exclusive release of Blizzard manga on the Cryptozoic Comics app, Cryptozoic is offering a free download of the full 160-page manga, Warcraft: Legends Vol. 1, for the first week of its release (through June 2nd)!

The Cryptozoic Comics app will feature other critically acclaimed narratives from Blizzard's® extensive catalogue of manga as well, beginning with: Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy Volume 1, Dragon Hunt andWorld of Warcraft: Death Night. Other popular Blizzard titles, such as StarCraft:Ghost Academy Volume 1will also later come available.

Available as a free download through the Apple App Store, Cryptozoic Comics will upload new content on a monthly basis, with manga priced at $5.99 per 150-page book. Fans will also have the option of downloading previews of their favorite manga and comic book titles free of charge.

Finally, fans can enjoy Blizzard's World of Warcraft and StarCraft manga in stunning high-resolution imagery. Download the Cryptozoic Comics app and your free Warcraft: Legends Vol. 1 today!

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