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Kojima: something big planned for 25th Metal Gear anniversary next year


Kojima Productions head honcho Hideo Kojima took to his company's official podcast to address some rumors surrounding his ongoing projects. Rather than elaborating on fans' questions (and potentially spoil Konami's long-term marketing plans), Kojima simply delivered either "Yes" or "No" answers (summed up by Andriasang).

First up: He won't be making any big splashes at next month's E3, (that's a "no"), but he did confirm that there are big plans afoot for next year's 25th anniversary of Metal Gear.

Before you get too excited, he also shot down the dream of a Metal Gear Solid 4 port to NGP, and offered another "No" when asked if MGS5 would be announced next month. As for the 3DS port of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, "yes," it'll arrive by year's end.

Finally, he noted that we won't see Metal Gear Solid Rising's multiplayer anytime soon, never mind at Microsoft's E3 presser (where he will not appear). Now we're hoping that Kojima's big surprise for next year is reversing all of this year's "No" answers.

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