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Maps+ adds tracking and location-based alarms to Google Maps


Maps+, a new mapping app for the iPhone and iPad, has just been released. Developed by IZE, Maps+ uses Google Maps data, meaning you must have a data connection for it to work, but it adds a couple of interesting location-based features into a customizable interface that you can't get in the default iOS maps app.

GPS tracking has been added, meaning you can record your route, whether you're running, cycling, driving or walking. Sounds familiar, but this time it's opt-in. You can even import or export your recorded tracks to GPX for viewing on the desktop or in other apps.

Location-based alarms are also included, allowing you to set a reminder that's activated when you hit a certain location. That's handy if you're a bit forgetful and need more than just a timed alarm to jog your memory.

Maps+ also comes with most of the standard features found in Google Maps, including directions with route alternatives; standard, satellite, hybrid and even terrain maps from Google; and bookmarks and address-only search (no business search is included).

Maps+ is free to download, with a couple of features, such as pins, bookmarks and tracks, being limited by number. They can be unlocked via a US$2.99 in-app purchase. If the default Google Maps-based app is just a bit limited for you, then the free Maps+ is worth a look.

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