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Men outspend women on mobile social games


Ladies (or gentlemen), is your man a gamer? If so, you may finally have a worthwhile retort for the next time he scoffs and rolls his eyes at that $10 non-combat pet you just had to have. A recent study by MocoSpace surveyed 1,500 "mobile social gamers" about their spending practices within social games. The results? "While 53 percent were male, and 47 percent female, 69 percent of men were buying virtual goods, while only 31 percent of females did."

adds: "On top of that, those male gamers are responsible for 90 percent of virtual goods that are purchased inside the games." The article goes on to note the recent practices of selling in-game items for real-world currency in World of Warcraft and EverQuest, though no numbers are available regarding the gender parity of those who purchased such items. For the full article -- which naturally could not resist one not-so-subtle stab at the SOE network outage -- click on over to MSNBC's Technoblog.

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