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Patch 4.2 Daily Quests: Call the Flock, Wings Aflame, and Rage Against the Flames


Ragnaros' minions are on the move in Hyjal in patch 4.2, and it is up to you to push them back to their fiery domain. These two quests take place near the Grove of Aessina and the Whistling Grove, the site of some of the game's most adorable quests in which players save little forest creatures. Now, the druids of the flame and their Firelands friends have set up shop, returning to burning down everything in their path. A portal to the Firelands has sprung up, with the promise of delivering more hurt from beyond Hyjal.

Remember, there are mild spoilers about quests launching with patch 4.2, so please be warned if you're particular about that sort of thing.

Today, we'll look at:

Rage Against the Flames

Rage Against the Flames follows the most basic quest type in World of Warcraft: Kill seven invaders from the Firelands. Sure, it's not complicated. Sure, it's not the most prestigious job. The description from Matoclaw sums it up best, for me:

Of all of our tasts here in Hyjal, the most pressing is simple: destroy these invaders. The very nature of fire is that it is all-consuming. Lower your defense for just a moment and it will destroy everything in sight.

Kill any of the fiery invaders you find. Every enemy defeated purchases more time for Hyjal.
You'll get this quest done relatively quickly, either in the area right to the west of the Sanctuary of Malorne or near the Grove of Aessina. You'll be all over this area for the next quest that you'll be picking up in tandem to Rage Against the Flames.

Players are rewarded one Mark of the World Tree and 25 gold, 94 silver for completing this quest.

Call the Flock

Aviana is the ancient of birds and the Druids of the Talon, representing birds, bird spirits, and all things avian. Since we're working with ancients in Hyjal to stop Ragnaros' minions, Aviana lends a hand. Players are tasked with using a Quill of the Bird-Queen in the Whistling Grove to turn into a bird.

As a bird, you'll get a new ability to rally various birds to your cause. You need to gather the help of 12 Alpine Songbirds, five Forest Owls, and two Goldwing Hawks. These birds are fluttering around trees, soaring above the treeline, or zipping past Firelands denizens.

Players are rewarded one Mark of the World Tree and 12 gold, 40 silver, 50 copper for completing this quest and can accept Wings Aflame.

Wings Aflame

With your bird army assembled, it is time to strike at the fiery heart of the invasion in the Grove. Next, you'll return to your mortal form and use the Quill of the Bird-Queen to call forth Millagazor, a firehawk that still has ties to the world of birds. Why wouldn't Aviana still have a little sway over birds, on fire or not?

Once Millagazor is summoned, you begin the fight. It is a simple fight, dodging fire attacks and DPSing down Millagazor. Once Millagazor reaches low health, he tries to escape, taking flight into the open Hyjal sky. It is a shame, then, that Millagazor never realized that the birds of Hyjal were on our side. Your fledgling bird army overwhelms and defeats Millagazor.

Players are rewarded two Marks of the World Tree and 25 gold 94 silver for completing this quest.

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