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Resistance 'Dual Pack' coming July 5, bonus content revealed


Clearly you're enthusiastic about the Resistance series if you don't own either of the first two games, so it goes without saying that you're all about dressing up as a generic-looking soldier in the third game's multiplayer. Insomniac apparently knows this, as the studio took to the US PlayStation blog today to announce said multiplayer "Capelli" skin as part of the bonuses included in the Resistance "Dual Pack," launching on July 5. He's ... uh ... got a beanie? Awesome?

As previously revealed by an insert in the Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray, the two-pack of Resistance titles will also include "$10 worth of bonus content," detailed as the "Aftermath" map, a skin bundle, and the "wraith skin" multiplayer weapons for Resistance 2. When the pack arrives on July 5, it comes with an asking price of $39.99.

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