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Square Enix and n-Space tease 'Heroes of Ruin' for 3DS


Developer n-Space (Geist, the Call of Duty DS games) posted some art to Facebook related to a 3DS game called Heroes of Ruin, which it's evidently making for Square Enix -- and then pulled the image. The developer didn't offer any additional info, but the artwork suggests a fantasy setting with some modern-ish technology (like handguns!)

It also suggests giant cat-men.

A picture of four fantasy-type characters fighting makes us think of Gauntlet or other co-op dungeon adventures, but that's just speculation. For real information -- like what exactly a "Hero of Ruin" could possibly be -- we must wait, either until E3 comes or Square Enix decides to tell us. In the meantime, find the full image past the break.

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