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The Daily Grind: When do you start getting involved with the community?

Eliot Lefebvre

When a new game is on the horizon, people start gathering. It's inevitable, really; long gone are the days when you learned about a new game by seeing it on store shelves. MMOs are frequently announced years in advance, and players will start gathering in anticipation long before a release date is confirmed. Games like Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic already have large and active communities despite not yet being playable or even purchasable by the many fans eagerly following the news.

Obviously, getting involved with the community earlier means getting your name recognized faster and getting an earlier feel for how the game's playerbase will shake down. But there's a downside, too -- if you're in from day one, the game might develop into something you don't wind up liking, be delayed, or be canceled. You also run the risk of burning out from community drama and general debates about a game you aren't yet playing. So how early do you like to get involved in the community of MMOs you're anticipating? During closed beta? Open beta? Release? Or do you like to wait for a couple months to see who sticks around?

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