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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is prepping the grill

You guys are not prepared to even begin fathoming the depth of the extent of the infiniteness of edible materials that we are going to grill this Memorial Day weekend. There are meats you've never heard of sizzling away on our charcoal-powered rigs, corn-cobs dressed in spices from lands that don't appear on traditional maps. What's that on our grill now? Is that a smaller grill, which is also ablaze, cooking even smaller meatstuffs? And on that grill -- another, smaller grill? How can this be?

While we work our flamebroiled magic, check out our seven favorite webcomics from this past week below. Make sure you vote for your favorite in the poll posted after the jump!

Predatory Instincts (Digital Unrest)
Boss Room (Brawl in the Family)
Witchin' (Penny Arcade)
Pitwit (Awkward Zombie)
Enhanced Interrogation (Virtual Shackles)
Failoc (Nerf Now)
Untitled (Another Videogame Webcomic)


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