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ASUS Padfone shown off in proper brightness ahead of launch? (Update: new mockup)


We've already seen a glimpse of ASUS' "pad or phone" duo -- likely to be named Padfone -- hanging out in their latest teaser pic, and now thanks to the folks over at Notebook Italia, we can finally gaze at their much brighter, non-silhouette form. Despite the awkward cropping, the leaked product shot above echoes the same shape and set of Android soft keys as seen previously. Upon closer inspection, though, we believe that the newly-shown silver bar is just the phone's volume rocker, rather than a potential docking port. So how do the two physically bond together, if at all? Until tomorrow's launch event, your guess is just as good as ours.

Update: So here's our theory: the slide button ASUS teased in round one is probably for unlatching a cover on the back, which in turn houses the phone in a landscape docking bay underneath. We're basing this on the oddly positioned dent that could very well be an opening for the phone's camera, so the cover would either pop out on a hinge or be entirely removable. See our own rough mockup after the break.

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