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Breakfast Topic: Are you a confirmed craftaholic?

Mike W. McVey

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

In my non-WoW life, I am the complete opposite of mechanically inclined. This caused my dad many problems as I was growing up, as he is a natural handyman. My mind is artistic, while my hands are not. This is probably one of the reasons I like to play WoW: I can craft. My only limit is the materials needed to craft. Outside of WoW, I have plenty of materials -- just no skill.

Though I love to collect tabards, mounts, and pets, crafting is my passion. I have maxed out all of the professions except for leatherworking and tailoring. Hopefully within the next week, those will be maxed out, too.

My favorite crafting profession is by far inscription. I love to make glyphs. I love to make Darkmoon Faire cards. I love getting my shoulder enchant at level 70 despite no rep with Hodir. My favorite thing to craft are Netherweave Bags. Honestly, this was the only reason why I wanted to have a tailor. I love making the bags and giving them away free to new players.

My least favorite crafting profession is probably jewelcrafting. I enjoy all the perks, but the grind from 500 to 525 ... ugh. It is still hard for me to do the daily quest for my jewelcrafter.

Here are my rankings of crafting professions:
  1. Inscription
  2. Engineering
  3. Cooking
  4. Alchemy
  5. Tailoring
  6. Blacksmithing
  7. Enchanting
  8. Leatherworking
  9. First Aid
  10. Jewelcrafting

What are your favorite crafting professions and why?

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