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Open source project brings Android apps to iOS with 'Hello world' panache (video)

Zachary Lutz

Ever think you'd see Android applications executing natively within iOS? A project called "in-the-box" is working toward this goal, and it's hoping to provide developers an easy path for submitting their software to the App Store. This means Apple users could get a crack at exotic titles from Google's turf, all without jailbreaking their devices. The magic is performed by porting the Dalvik virtual machine and Gingerbread API's to iOS, which developers must bundle inside their applications -- something that's already resulted in a Java-based "Hello world" app (see it in action after the break). It's an early demonstration, as the only evidence is the output to a console window, but if you're an Android dev that's looking to rock the boat (and willing to risk App Store denial), this could be a fine path to explore.

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