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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Kaleidoscope Camera


Camera-equipped Macs can be an endless source of amusement for kids and big kids alike. Whether it's recording stupid faces in Photo Booth or playing with one of the myriad of fun little camera-based apps, being silly on camera is just plain fun.

Kaleidoscope Camera is a simple little US$0.99 app that'll keep the kids amused for a little while longer. It produces a beautiful kaleidoscope effect using your built-in iSight or FaceTime HD camera and allows you to record the results to standard definition MOV files.

There are no settings. Simply fire up the app and watch as your motion creates some quick and colorful imagery. It'd be nice to have some sort of control over the angle of the virtual mirrors to allow you to adjust the pattern created, but alas, no such luck.

For $0.99 Kaleidoscope Camera is a fun, uncomplicated toy. If you're stuck for things to do and bored on a rainy afternoon, check it out on the Mac App Store, or hit the break to see what I made with it in about 30 seconds.

If you've got any family favorites for keeping the kids amused using your Mac's camera, help us and your fellow readers out and post them down in the comments.

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