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EVE Online Incursion patch 1.6 is live


EVE Online's Incursion patch 1.6 has now been deployed! It's a small patch that brings a few bug fixes as well as the introduction of CarbonUI, the "new UI rendering framework." According to CCP, "CarbonUI is an evolution of the existing UI framework, with a completely new rendering layer." What does this mean for players? "[CarbonUI] gives the EVE UI designers and UI programmers a range of new possibilities for creating exciting user interfaces in EVE going forward." Check out more on this new addition to the game at the EVE Online dev blog.

The patch announcement article also notifies players about a known issue with T3 ships that players have previously viewed: "These ships have engaged their reverse thrusters causing them fly backwards. Clearing your cache will reset their on-board computer and cause them to fly in the correct direction again." Flying in the proper direction is often a very useful ability, so players are encouraged to take action immediately. For the full notes, as well as a link to the patch discussion thread, hit the full article on the official site.

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