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Trion Worlds teams up with DeviantArt for colossal contest


"You're traveling through Telara as a bright light appears. A massive rift opens up and monsters start invading. Your team fights to protect their land. As they continuously battle the invading monsters, a massive, 10-story colossus appears." This is Trion Worlds' introduction to its newest contest, which challenges artistically inclined RIFT players to create a colossal creature that would look right at home stepping forth from the planar rifts of Telara.

The rules for the contest itself, which is being run in partnership with the ever-popular art gallery website DeviantArt, are fairly simple: Choose a planar theme (from Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Death, and Life), whip up some concept art for a gargantuan creature that fits with the theme, and submit it to DeviantArt. Semi-finalists will be chosen by the DeviantArt staff, and from those, the top three will be chosen by none other than members of Trion Worlds' creative team. Prizes -- including rather sizable cash prizes, Wacom tablets, DeviantArt Premium Memberships, and of course, copies of RIFT -- will be awarded to the finalists. So if you wield a brush or pen with the same aplomb as your Telaran counterpart does a sword or staff, you can go to the contest page on DeviantArt's official site and join the competition.

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