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WoW Moviewatch: Selendis


This is a roleplay character trailer created by Erunno on commission. At 2 minutes, the video is relatively short. While most roleplay trailers are focused on guild montages, brief character shots, and maybe a few words, Selendis is a narrative teaser.

Erunno's video is incredibly effective. It hints at the motivations that drive the character and uses a brief flashback to tease the audience about backstory. I was definitely curious about what's going on here. One of the reasons it's so successful is that Erunno only gives short, matter-of-fact glimpses at the story hooks, without proclaiming "there's some relationship to Illidan!" in huge letters.

Commissioning machinimators to create roleplay trailers is a fantastic idea. It helps introduce additional artwork into the community and helps supports the machinima creators. The quality of this video shows why roleplayers could benefit; this is a trend worth supporting.
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