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Apple finally going after domain


In October 2001 Apple introduced the now iconic iPod, and since almost the same time, Apple has owned the domain name. But in April of 2002, someone registered the plural of the ipod as a domain -- For some reason or another Apple chose not to go after the owners of the domain then, even though Apple typically shows no mercy when it comes to its trademarks appearing in domain names.

However, as TechCrunch notes, Apple has suddenly moved to claim the domain name after more than nine years. Yesterday Apple filed an official complaint; since it owns the iPod trademark, it's likely that will be in Apple's hands sooner rather than later. As noted by TC and many others, Apple strangely still does not own or any other iPad-related domain names. That's a real head-scratcher considering the popularity of the iPad, the fact that Apple now owns the iPad trademark, and that the company has enough cash in the bank to pay out several million dollars to buy the domain if that's what it takes.

Thinking of grabbing an Apple-esqe domain name for yourself? Better check out Apple's guidelines on Unauthorized Use of Apple Trademarks, which point out examples of domain names that people are not allowed to use:

You may not use an identical or virtually identical Apple trademark as a second level domain name. Not acceptable: "" "" "" ""

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