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Playable Catwoman unmasked in Batman: Arkham City


A new video and preview posted by GameSpot reveal that Catwoman is joining the playable cast of Batman: Arkham City. And she's not disguising her face, even though she clearly has goggles for that purpose, and it's driving us crazy. Ahem.

The video shows Catwoman using her whip as a grappling hook, sliding under a low obstacle, brandishing sharp claws, and planting a big kiss on a disgusting Joker henchman for some reason before throwing him to the ground.

In a video Q&A, Rocksteady marketing manager Dax Ginn mentions that her lack of cape makes her unable to use Batman's glide functionality, so she has her own navigation abilities, which appear to be climbing-based. She'll be leveled up throughout the game just as players improve Batman's skills.

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