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WoW-a-thon for Dragon*Con MMO track staffer


Many people, when they think of online gaming, think of 13-year-olds on Xbox Live shouting expletives and teabagging your freshly killed corpse, but those of us who have spent enough time in the community know that there's much more to it than just that. Kevin Stallard, of Dragon*Con MMO track fame, is setting out to prove just that.

Kevin's close friend and Dragon*Con staffer Jay Sturrock was recently diagnosed with cancer, and anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer or known someone who has can tell you that treatment is not only emotionally exhausting, but financially taxing as well. With this in mind, Kevin is looking to put his World of Warcraft habit to a good cause. On July 9th, Kevin will be holding a 24-hour "WoW-a-thon" at Battle & Brew Gaming Pub in Marietta, GA. Throughout the course of this gaming marathon, Kevin invites fellow gamers to join him either at the pub or in Azeroth and, if they're able, to pledge some money toward covering Jay's medical bills from the treatment. Can't make it to the event itself but still want to help? No problem, just keep an eye on the official event page where PayPal information will soon be posted. We wish Kevin and Jay the best and hope the Massively community will pitch in for this noble cause.

[Update: Grim was nice enough to jump in on the comments to inform us that the PayPal link is live. You can find it on the right sidebar of the Dragon*Con MMO track's official site. Get those donations going!]

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