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Addon Spotlight: GTFO with GTFO


Each week, WoW Insider brings you a fresh look at reader-submitted UIs as well as Addon Spotlight, which focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience: the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond -- your addons folder will never be the same. This week, since this is a family show, the "f" stands for "fudge."

It is my goal, ambition, and hope that I can foster a positive attitude toward addons and the players who use them in this game. I pride myself on my optimistic and benevolent nature, putting out good vibes into the universe and keeping a happy attitude around me. Raiding is occasionally a trying time for me when my patience is worn thin, certain aspects of the game are not under my control, and there is a stabbing pain in my brain. But I keep my cool.

Sometimes, however, people just have to GTFO.

Coincidentally, that's where GTFO (the addon) comes in. As raiding addons go, this mod is held in high esteem by many players and raid leaders alike, as accountability has never been higher in the raiding game. DPS accountability is especially important these days. Hopefully we can help people out with spatial awareness, as well as the oldest, most timeless problem of all -- standing in fire.


GTFO's tagline is "stop standing in fire," and with good reason. This addon is specifically created to help and notify players when they are standing in what is colloquially known as "bad." Varying levels of alerts go off when players are standing in various levels of bad effects. Even the best raiders need to have sounds blasted in their ears to get the hell out of stuff sometimes. Just ask my guild.

All content is supported with GTFO, including the original vanilla content, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm dungeons and raids. Since everything is supported, you'll grow accustomed to GTFO's signaling systems while you level or do old content.

Or, for the fun of it, go stand in a bunch of crap from old content and see what kind of alerts go off. It won't instantly kill you any more! Fun times, right? Unless the stuff does still kill you in one shot. Don't blame me when you try it.

Alternatively, the addon has a setting for ignoring trivial content, letting you do your own thing and stand in all sorts of terrible goo, fire, and other assorted boss mess as much as you would like. "Go crazy," GTFO says. "You'll be back to standing in dangerous stuff soon enough."

To tank or not to tank

Not only does GTFO give you general alerts for getting out of stuff under your feet, but there are tank- and non-tank-specific events that can signal different alerts. Sometimes encounters revolve around a tank's moving out of certain pools of bad that a boss will leave right on the tank, but other DPSers don't have to worry as much since, well, if they are close to the tank, they are probably doing something wrong in the first place. Unless the fight requires you to be near the tank. Then you're fine. Encounters can be a bit confusing ...


Many addons work together nicely with GTFO for a more robust user experience. GTFO has Power Auras integration, allowing users to create visual alerts alongside audible alerts for added awareness. You can also sync up Recount and GTFO for more stat information. One of the best features is a GTFO-specific volume slider that integrates well with the default UI, allowing you to change the volume of alerts without going through too much hassle with your game sounds.

Helping those with lower settings

One of the best use cases for GTFO is for players who may have less than stellar computer setups and have to keep their graphics on the low side. Some effects that do not show up on lower settings are actually dangerous area of effect attacks that need to be dodged. Certain spell effects only appear on higher video settings, and GTFO can be your lifesaving work-around.

A good thing

I like GTFO because it's a memory- and CPU-lite addon that performs admirably to provide a vital function for many dungeoneers and aspiring raiders. There is no shame in grabbing an addon that alerts you quite audibly when you are standing in something you shouldn't be, because at the end of the day, the goal is to win the encounter for you and your raid mates. Getting to that point sometimes requires any means necessary.

The combination of a great addon mixed with good purpose and the ability to help people with less than perfect computer setups is the perfect trifecta for a solid addon. If you already use GTFO, sing its praises in the comments. I know for a fact one special healer uses it, because we can very clearly hear it go off during raids when a microphone is open. (Hint: It's Matticus.)

Download GTFO at [Curse] or [WoWInterface].

Mailbag time!

I've been playing WoW on and off since its original release. I use a hodgepodge of general addons (DBM, Bagnon, AtlasLoot, etc.) but I've always had a really difficult time when it comes to completely restructuring the whole UI. I was just wondering if you had already done an article in the past that would serve as a crash course for getting everything set up and if not, maybe you could do one for those of us who have no idea what we're doing? : ) Thanks for whatever help you can give me, and keep up the great work!


Thanks for the email, Jack. My Addons 101 series, while aimed at the new player and the basics, breaks down addons into a series of categories and use cases that you might find interesting when going about changing and customizing your user interface. My biggest advice is usually to go slowly, category by category -- you don't have to do everything at once in order to have a competent UI setup. Read over the 101 articles, learn what you can, and then ease into working on each addon one by one.

As for actual configuration and UI building, I've been tinkering around with a few ideas and series on just that. We'll have to see what time allows.

Addons are what we do on Addon Spotlight. If you're new to mods, Addons 101 will walk you through the basics; see what other players are doing at Reader UI of the Week. If there's a mod you think Addon Spotlight should take a look at, email

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