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E3 2011 Prediction Bingo: Microsoft


Friends list increase

Handheld Zune game device

Dance Central 2
Timed exclusive LA Noire stuff
Kinect bundle price drop

Kinectimals sequel
Halo CE remake
Hello Skype!

MGS Rising goes exclusive

Fusion games
3D talk
Milo reappears

X marks the free space!

Gears Kinect game

New Conker
More Primetime 'Core' Kinect shooter
New Alan Wake
Faceplates are back!
New console
Kinect update MW3 DLC XBL X-Clusive Cloud saving New bundle
Fable 4

For the fourth year in a row (one more and we get bingo-squared!) Joystiq is preceding the E3 Expo with our very own E3 Bingo. We've got one for each hardware company's press conference, loaded up with predictions likely, unlikely, and hastily conceived to fill space. Remember: if you're not playing along, you're just being marketed at!

Microsoft's E3 press event kicks off the week on Monday, June 6 at 10AM PST (1PM EST). Without a Cirque du Soleil spectabacle, you'll have to extract all your MS E3 enjoyment from this show. We suggest bingo! Download a card (JPG) and play along.

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