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E3 2011 Prediction Bingo: Nintendo


New Balloon Fight
Mario Cafe

Netflix 3DS adds 3D
The Last Story
Call of Duty

Skyward Sword delayed

Cafe under $200

Pokemans Cafe Cafe is download-only


New Pikmin
My Free Space is Ready Blu-Ray for Cafe
New Wii Sports

Cafe > PS3/Xbox graphically
Zelda Collection
Layton 5 on 3DS

Touchscreen controllers!?

3DS price drop

Layton 4 on DS
3DS redesign
Cafe dated

Thrii Fit
Memeworthy exec line

For the fourth year in a row (one more and we get bingo-squared!) Joystiq is preceding the E3 Expo with our very own E3 Bingo. We've got one for each hardware company's press conference, loaded up with predictions likely, unlikely, and hastily conceived to fill space. Remember: if you're not playing along, you're just being marketed at!

Nintendo will hold its media event at 9AM PST (12PM EST) on Tuesday, June 7. It's just revealing its crazy new console. Totally boring! You need something like, say, a downloadable bingo card (JPG), to liven the proceedings up.

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