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E3 2011 Prediction Bingo: Sony


Steam support
ICO PS3 date
PSP Remasters

"PS Vita"

PlanetSide Next

GIF-worthy goof
PSP Go officially gone
New God of War

Last Guardian date
Ninja Gaiden 3 Move

NGP worldwide before 2012

Hey, it's Kevin Butler!

Have A Free
One On Us!
PS3 price drop
Blah blah "3D"

PSN-related awkwardness
NGP > $300 (at least one model)

NGP/PS3 connectivity

New PS3 hardware bundle

Move moves down in price
Uncharted NGP
PlayStation Suite

NGP seen playing PS3 PSN games
NGP AR demo
For the fourth year in a row (one more and we get bingo-squared!) Joystiq is preceding the E3 Expo with our very own E3 Bingo. We've got one for each hardware company's press conference, loaded up with predictions likely, unlikely, and hastily conceived to fill space. Remember: if you're not playing along, you're just being marketed at!

Sony's E3 conference takes place June 6 at 5PM PST (8PM EST). While we're liveblogging, why don't you follow along with some evening bingo? That's like regular bingo, but maybe you have a drink or something, we don't know. Download a copy (JPG) and play along!

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