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Gameloft's Order and Chaos MMO for iOS makes $1M in 20 days


Some people might have chuckled at the resemblance of Gameloft's Order and Chaos Online to the popular World of Warcraft. It's actually a near clone of the very popular Blizzard Entertainment title, squeezed down into the iPhone. But it turns out Gameloft will be the one who laughs last. The game has reportedly already brought in a million dollars in revenue, just in its first 20 days of existence.

That's pretty impressive. I presume that total includes the game's actual sale price of US$6.99, along with any other in-app purchases made. Of course, that initial revenue will probably be hard to replicate, but there's definitely a following for this one. That will encourage Gameloft to support it (more on that in a second), and it may even encourage other companies to step up with their own MMO titles for iOS. Including Blizzard eventually? We can only hope.

Speaking of that support, Gameloft has also announced that an update for the game is coming that will add new quests and a few metagame features, like new chat channels and the ability to transfer around servers. Future updates will also bring PvP gameplay and new dungeons to explore, so O&C players can look forward to that.

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