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Intel's Museum of Me finally gives your Facebook ego the attention it deserves

Amar Toor, @amartoo

You've mastered the art of the high-cheekboned self-shot. Your acute taste in Iranian New Wave cinema is on full display. That leggy blonde who just so happens to appear in all 200 of your Spring break photos? Why yes, you two do have a thing going on, but honestly, it's no big deal. You didn't even tag her. Yes sir, your Facebook profile is in top form -- a veritable shrine to your unparalleled wit, your ferocious intellectual prowess and your unearthly solipsism. But is it enough? Is your life really getting the Stalinesque digital commemoration it so sorely deserves? These are the questions you have to ask yourself before walking into Intel's Museum of Me -- an interactive ad campaign for the Core i5 processor that takes online ego-stroking to an entirely new level of dystopia. All you have to do is allow Intel's app to harvest your Facebook information, and the program will begin curating an "art" exhibition devoted to your "life." The result is a brief video tour of your very own museum, replete with heartstring-tugging music and the requisite profile picture collages. It's just like walking through the MoMA, but instead of staring at a Lichtenstein or Pollock, you're reminded of, say, those three years you spent with the girl who broke your heart and smashed it to pieces -- or, you know, something like that. If you're into that sort of self-torture, hit the source link to build your own.

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