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Sound Shapes heading to NGP from Everyday Shooter dev Jonathan Mak


It's been four years since Jonathan Mak released his last game on Sony's PlayStation Network, Everyday Shooter, to critical acclaim. In that time, Mak has been working on a variety of projects -- 10 (failed) games with a Toronto-area musician, for instance -- but today he's unveiling his next major release as Sound Shapes for Sony's NGP.

Like Everyday Shooter took a basic shooting concept and added a musical twist, Sound Shapes aims to do as much with platforming, it seems. VentureBeat explains the gameplay by saying, "You manipulate a sticky ball through a two-dimensional landscape and create music as you interact." According to VB, the objects in the game's 2D world all correspond to different sounds, forcing players to move based on the beat of the music. Mak, and his dev studio Queasy Games, are bringing Sound Shapes to E3 next week where we'll check it out more thoroughly.

Update: Mak notes in a separate US PlayStation blog post that Sound Shapes can also be used to make music, "but then you can 'play' that music like it's a video game." He also notes that the game will be playable at E3.

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