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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen confirms unofficial armistice with Jobs, Apple


Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told Walt Mossberg during an interview that the dispute between Adobe and Apple over Flash is a thing of the past. Adobe and Steve Jobs went head to head last year when the Apple CEO publicly criticized the multimedia company and banned apps that were created using third-party tools, like Adobe Flash. The heated exchange was covered extensively by the press.

It took several months, but the dispute was finally resolved when Apple reversed its decision on third-party compilers and now lets developers use them to create apps. Though the press continues to bring up this dispute, it's unofficially over as far as Narayen is concerned.

Narayen also confirmed that Adobe is supportive of HTML 5, the standard Apple has chosen for web video and multimedia on the iPad and iPhone. "We welcome the evolution to HTML5, and are actively contributing to it." says Narayen. This is good news to iOS owners who won't have to worry about Flash draining their batteries and slowing their browsers to a crawl.

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